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Bangladesh Associate of IT Solution

Bangladesh Associate of IT Solution (BAITS) is a leading Information Technology Delivery Organization. Our services include Information Technology and Professional Technology and consulting services for our National clients. We have successfully delivered outstanding Products and results to our commercial clients since 2006.Our initial offering was focused on the planning and delivery of technology software & hardware products. As our company grew over the years we realized that a great deal of our clients wanted us to be able to deliver them additional services into their businesses. Today we offer a full range of services that include CCTV Camera, DVR, NVR, IP Camera, Wireless Camera, Dome Camera, Graphics Design, Interior Design, Networking, Web-page Design and Development, Software Development, Computer Sales & Service. All of our services can be provided in your environment or at external facilities. Our logo as a Green-Black screw that represents our strength & technique provide in a tight as a authorized partner of Microsoft Corporation on the ground of information Technology competition parade. We organized based our organ gram that treats team work & competitive better against existing present service. We are committed to strive for excellence. We are enhancing latest & innovative products & alternate Technology solutions. We like to share experiencing capabilities about Technology, products, problem & solutions at ultimate & flexible prices.

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