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Kalke is an HR technology based start-up company helping people in Bangladesh hire young promising talent and grow careers for youth. Since 2019, Kalke has worked with organizations like Maya,, D-Money, Pulse HealthCare, Kazi IT, Her Story foundation and many more to connect the right talent to the right job. We intend to provide youth with access to the best and the most relevant internship/job opportunities and also help them learn in-demand skills with our online training. An internship is your first job before the first job. A chance for you to discover what you would like to do for the rest of your professional life - like dipping your toes into the pool before taking the plunge. You may be excited, you may be nervous or maybe you just want to take it easy (after all this is perhaps the last long summer/winter break that you would truly ever get! ) - whatever be your reason to be on this page; we would like to make it happen for you.

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