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Infocrat Solutions Ltd

Infocrat Solutions Ltd. started its operation on June, 2007 as an information systems/software application development farm; by a passionate and dedicated team. We are the optimized team blend; composed with domain-experts, tech-experts, QC personnel developing generalized as well as customized software solutions for business & industrial operations.

We are working here with the motto of “Easy & Simple Solutions”. Infocrat business solutions are designs in order to simplify the business procedures, reasoning business operations, monitoring & control procedures, strategic peoples planning Dash Boards, DSS, MIS features. We also serve our customers for business systems consultancy along with BPO, Back Office Services, Data Services, Implementation as well as software service and maintenance.

Infocrat solutions Ltd. is a R&D based information systems development firm; architected by some dedicated and devoted tech-explorer who are passionate in technology surfing! Our domain experts are the foremost surgeon in perfect business solution development suitable for large scale industrial atomization.

Our strategy and objects are to provide complete information system solution including system consultancy, software application development & deployment, IT infrastructure development, data server, application server, as well as information system cultivation. Some of our manufacturing customers are in big comfort in their business operation receiving our Back Office Service (BOS) as well as Business Process Outsource (BPO).

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