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CRID USA is a platform for innovators. Our goal is to create an eco-system for innovators in the US.‚ÄčIt is a platform for the innovators to bring their ideas to reality and we help them connect with the right professionals to get assistance which includes legal, finance, training, access to makerspace/ workshops, product design, prototyping and all the way to bring it to market place.   We have successfully completed our first season of reality show on robotics with 30 million views per episode. We have helped innovators to build more than 500 robotic devices. 

Our Mission

Our Mission is to energize the future generation to study robotics and support and compliment the STEM program. Our main goal is to create a comprehensive platform and a total support system to support young innovators from, conception to all the way to the market place. 

Our Vision

Connect innovators and entrepreneurs together and support them for a brighter future.

Our Slogans

 Turn ideas into reality

 Empower through technology

 Everyone counts


We want to create a platform for the innovators and entrepreneurs to work together to develop new products and services for the betterment of human lives. We empower students and dreamers to transform their ideas into reality using technology. Using TV shows and competitions, we get student excited about technology. We provide the basic building blocks that make it easier for them to realize their ideas. With exciting programs and innovation assistance we empower high school students to get into technology education to be better prepared for tomorrow. 


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