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Administrative Director/Business Administrator Yuetai Group Dhaka, Bangladesh

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BDT Negotiable

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Wed Jan 19, 2022
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Tue Nov 30, 2021

Job Summary

Yue Tai Group is looking for a administrative director/Business Administrator in Bangladesh to establish new business in food & beverage sector. He will responsible for overall management of a subsidiary company in Bangladesh, and all relevant work for establishment and registration of new company, to deal with compliance issues and communicate with government and service providers. Hope we have chance to work together on same target.

Job Description

Here is the major responsibilities of this position:
1.Assist in the registration of new company, prepare and submit of documents, the acquisition and update of relevant licenses and licenses;
2.Deal with compliance issues as per the laws & regulations, and maintain active communication with governments and other offices and institutions;
3.Draft and maintain relevant company management policies and documents and coordinate various administrative issues of the company;
4.Negotiate and communicate with the service providers and partners on behalf of the company, and maintain the relationship;
5.Regular management and report of the general affairs of the company;
6.Control cost and manage operation budget;
7.To carry out all other assignments from the company management team.

Some other requirement may includes:good Chinese and English writing and speaking, capable of preparing various reports and presentations; experience of studying in China is preferred.


3 years - 6 years  Chinese company / overseas working experience is preferred