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SEO/JAVP EMS Robintex Group Narayanganj, 17, Bangladesh

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BDT Negotiable

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Fri Dec 10, 2021
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Thu Nov 25, 2021

Job Summary

Designation SEO/JAVP
Section EMS
Job Circular Code HR/RG/CS/21/04
Report to HOD (Compliance)
Department Compliance
Back up Person(s) SEO (EMS) & ECR
Job Location Vulta, Rupganj, Narayanganj.
Job purpose:
To ensure the environmental standards/requirement of buyers COC, applicable National and international laws regarding averment.
To realize the benefits of chemistry, including green chemistry, for ensuring standards of health & protection of environment to promote safe production and use of chemicals.
To apply effective process of identifying and eradicating the non-conformities based on audit, follow up and monitoring in order to reduce gaps in environmental sustainability
To get aligned with the time to time demand and expectation of business partners.

Job Description


Job Responsibilities:
- Fulfill Environmental Management System according to Country legislation and Buyer guideline and implement ISO 14001: 2015.
- Prepare and upgrade environment related policies - Chemical purchase policy, EMS policy, Chemical management policy, Waste management policy, water & energy etc.
- Be Knowledgeable on a HIGG FEM, ZDHC Chemical Management, Blue sign, Detox, BV-E3, ZLD, BCMP, SCM etc.
- Work with Environmental and Social team for HIGG index (Environmental Module) project and Input Environmental data on HIGG.
- Work for the implementing environmental projects, i.e. STWI, PACT/CP tool etc.
- Monitor & Implement properly the chemical management system including chemical inventory, RSL & MRSL declaration, chemical store management, chemical handling, ZDHC enlistment etc.
- Fulfill the demand and commitment of business partners in regards of environmental initiatives- GHG reduction, water saving, energy saving, 3Rs (Reduce-Reuse-Recycle).
- Evaluate, monitor and ensure of environmental requirements of the factory as per environmental regulations.
- Regularly conduct environment related awareness and safety trainings on Waste handling, energy & water conservation, safe chemical handling.
- To make waste inventory sheets according to Buyer Guideline and update at list monthly.
- Identify of significant environmental aspects & impacts.
- Ensure all environmental requirements as per international standards for a sustainable EMS.
- Set objectives and targets for continual environmental performance improvement.
- Be knowledgeable on resource consumption, air emissions, water discharge, waste generation etc. & set strategies to reduce the energy consumption and Air emissions.
- Regularly monitor of water consumption in the factory premises.
- Prepare Factory Corrective Action Plan and implement as per observation followed time to time in respect of EMS.
- Prepare report and communicate where necessary.
- Communicate and keep relationship with Government Officials and Industrial Management authority.
- Hazard Identification and Risk Assessments for Fire, EMS and OHSAS in the Factory for safety of all concerned.
- Prepare Policies and Documentation for EMS, EMP, CMP, OHSAS and Energy efficiency for factory.
- Perform all works in compliance with EHS standards and procedures.
- Every month perform meeting & training on Waste handling, energy & water conservation, safe chemical handling with related responsible person.
- Make waste inventory sheets according to Buyer Guideline and update at list monthly.
- Work on ZDHC Disclose Kick-off: Hazardous chemical (9+2 Chemicals) data collection.
- Maintain environmental and waste management policy.
- Follow up and update environment related license i.e. ECC, and ensure regular tests- Waste water, SOx, NOx, Drinking Water, air emissions, noise level and other environmental parameters as required time to time.
- Perform any other job related tasks as assigned by management.

Educational Requirements:
M.Sc in Chemistry/Environmental Science/Chemical engineer from any reputed university. Public University may be given preference.

Additional Requirements:
- Key Skills: CAP Management, RCA methods, Risk assessment, Reporting, Oral & written correspondence. Monitoring & Follow up, Team Leadership, Analytical ability, Writing Proficiency in both Bangla and English.
- Work Experience: At least 4 Years' experience in Environmental management system from relevant job sector (Textile & Garments industry)
- Computer Skill: MS Office applications (Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word & Power point)
- Behavior Expectations: Values, Honesty & morality, Professionalism, Dedication, Responses to Lawful affairs of the company, Personal Growth and Development, administering, Supports to Others, Relationships, Health and Safety, Cooperation, Work load consideration, Motivating & advising.

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3 years - 6 years  .