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SQA Engineer Zaimah Technologies Limited Anywhere in Bangladesh, 17, Bangladesh

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Software Development



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Wed Nov 10, 2021
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Tue Oct 12, 2021

Job Summary

As a quality assurance engineer, you have the chance to make a considerable difference in the quality, superiority and reliability of our products. Your responsibilities will be centered around analyzing, testing and reporting on a product`s overall function. The feedback you carefully compile will be used to modify, strengthen and better our product line to provide customers with an outstanding result. Whether you are testing parts or components, designing test models and comparison parameters, diagnosing problems or collaborating with your team, you have the unprecedented opportunity to revolutionize our products and processes. If you are seeking a position that will help you develop critical skills like communication and critical thinking, then this job is just what you are looking for.

Job Description

Not specific

Job Responsibilities:
- Develop tests that are able to effectively analyze product components and yield helpful feedback to identify discrepancies, defects and problems
- Operate testing software and work with colleagues to create parameters and comparison data for improved accuracy
- Collaborate with other departmental professionals to understand client requirements, government specifications and company policies in regard to product development
- Verify that all product pieces and components are functioning as they should and in compliance with blueprints and carefully engineered design plans
- Analyze testing data to determine areas where a product can be improved or modified to better meet the needs of customers
- Resolve problems in a way that honors the company's integrity, benefits the consumer and creates a higher quality product in the end
- Present report findings, suggestions and detailed data to executive management in an informative manner to help them make better decisions regarding a product's function and purpose
- Document all proceedings and tests and guarantee that classified information remains secure and confidential

Educational Requirements:
Bachelor's degree in quality assurance, engineering or related field

Additional Requirements:
- At least 2 years of experience in a similar role
- Detail oriented
- Ability to communicate confidently and solve problems effectively
- Familiarity with various types of testing software
- Experience in creating, setting up, running and analyzing QA tests

Compensation & Other Benefits:
- Get the chance to learn and apply the highest standards in your field
- Get the chance to learn and use the best tools and services available worldwide
- Competitive salary
- Review in every six months
- Yearly increment
- Festival bonus
- Enjoy lunch & snacks


3 years - 6 years  .