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Operations Executive (F&B) AROS TRADING Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Wed Apr 08, 2020
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Tue Feb 18, 2020

Job Summary

Responsible for everything for maintaining staff operations, meeting sales target, increasing sales target, budget planning, etc.

Job Description

• Establishing employee roaster policy and assigning duties on roaster basis.
• Staff Operations.
• Preparing strategies for operations to run efficiently.
• Preparing menu, product list, budget, plan, and various confidential requisition.
• Maintaining all requisition, demand, and product supply from head office.
• Setting up and maintaining employee discipline, service in most courteous manner, dress code and cleanliness of the restaurants.
• Long term Business Development planning in coordination with Sr. Operations, Operations and management.
• Developing policies on how to onboard new International importers.
• Meeting sales target and developing new policies on how to increase sales.
• Monitoring the performance metrics of every staffs in the restaurants.
• Forecasting monthly profits through analysis of past trends and budget report.
• Rewriting pricing and estimating guidelines (if required) to include Value Added principals.
• Providing our guests with recommendations on food, entertainment, and beverages available.
• Implementing waste management measures.
• Successfully persuade guests to upgrade their menu orders.
• Ensuring correct billing.


1 year - 3 years  • Minimum experience of 2-3 years on Food and Beverage. • Knowledge on outsourcing, coffee, food, coffee beans, etc. related to food industry. • Hard working. • For better management, he will have to work as per the company’s instructions for the 1st year. • Must be male. • Age must be minimum 35 years. Preferable in the range 35-55 years. • Master’s/Bachelor’s in related field of studies.