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Software Engineer Inflack Limited 15 Bashundhara Rd, Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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BDT 60k - 90k

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Fri Jan 31, 2020
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Mon Jan 06, 2020

Job Summary

Inflack is recruiting Software Engineer. So, if you think you are the one, hurry and take part! And if you know someone you think would be perfect for the job, just refer it to him/her! If the person you referred to gets the job, you will win a “Buffet at your Favorite Dining” as a gift!

Job Description


  • You love coding as much as you love breathing.

  • You work best with keyboard shortcuts and hate to use a mouse.

  • Terminal is your friend. You even use vim/emacs flawlessly.

  • You love to help others solve hard programming problems. The harder it is the more thrilled you feel.

  • Yes, you read 3-4 books every year whether it is programming related or not.

  • 4+ years of hands-on coding experience of which you are really, really & really proud of.

  • After all these, do we really have to say that you are passionate?

Terms & Conditions:

  • One person can only refer to go to one candidate. In the case of multiple attempts, only the first reference will be considered.

  • To increase your odds, refer someone who you have worked within the same team, the same company or the same assignment.

  • If the same person got referred by multiple persons, the first referrer will be entitled.

  • Referrer will only be entitled to the prize only if the referred person is hired.

  • Send us the resume to Include your name & numbe with the mail.

  • Referring needs to be made by Facebook mention or email.

  • In the case of multiple people referring to the same person, the first reference will be treated as the winner.

Experience: 4+ Years


3 years - 6 years