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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer Japan world Jyoho Tokyo, Japan



Any experience



BDT 5000K-10000K per annum

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Mon Dec 30, 2019
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Tue Nov 12, 2019

Job Summary

Essential Requirements:
AI expertise and practical experience
Experience in model evaluation and error analysis from a prototype implementation in Python etc.
RDBMS, SQL knowledge
Smooth communication in Japanese or English

Job Description

Job Responsibilities:

  • Measures to increase sales based on event data, purchase data, user data, action history, etc.;

  • Using machine learning technology to address issues such as personalization, sales forecasting, and recommendation; Cost Reduction Measures by automation of the processing which is implementing in the human system using machine learning;

  • Working on issues such as CoupLinks user contribution review and users profile image identification;

Working Platform/Environment
Mac, GitLab, WIP, PR, Slack, Backlog, Docker, Capistrano

Work Flow:
The code is managed by Gitlab.

  • The task is estimated by the developer himself/herself.

  • As we develop PR at WIP at the beginning of the development of the feature, the code under development is always exposed to others eyes.

  • When pushing, rubcorop by CircleCI and various Lint run automatically.

  • When merging PR, we are conducting reviews by multiple people.

  • We have deployed machine JAPAN 2-3 times per week and CoupLink 1-2 times a day.


Stand-up morning meetings are open every day.

  • All materials and data necessary for development are always viewable by every one of the employees except for personal information.

  • Multiple large TV sets are installed; KPI and sales status are displayed at all times.

  • Not only the development department but all employees use Backlog, everyone can make proposals for improvement, check progress, and communicate directly with developers.

Age: Maximum 39 Years
Salary: 5000K-10000K per annum
Salary increase twice a year (June, December)
Bonus twice a year (June, December)
Work location: Tokyo

Other Requirements:

  • Development experience using Flask / Django etc.

  • Practical experience using TensorFlow / Chainer / Caffe, etc.

  • Development experience using Docker / Kubernetes

  • Development experience using cloud services such as AWS / GCP

  • Contribution to open source and community activities