Date : Wed, 20 Dec 2017 - Tue, 20 Mar 2018 Last Date of Registration : Sun, 10 Dec 2017
No. of Classes/ Sessions : 16 Total Hours : 32
Duration : 2 month Time : saturday & friday (6:00pm-8:00 Pm)
Category : IT and Technology
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Md. Mohin Chowdhury

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Training Details

Start Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2017
Last Date of Registration: Sun, 10 Dec 2017
Training Fee: 2800.00
Vanue: House # 2B, Road # 12, Mirpur Road, Dhanmodi, Dhaka- 1209, Bangladesh

Who Can Attend?

Operational and management level professionals in services and manufacturing business and non-profit organizations. University students.Fresher.Any other interested person can also join this workshop. Prerequisites - Basic operational skills in excel and should be a regular Excel user.


Linear Demonstration - 50%, Case and Practice Exercise - 50% Assessment: They'll be a standard test that will assess the skills developed in the participants in the following areas: Data Entry & Validation Techniques (20%) Excel Functions and Formulas (20%) Advanced Tools (20%) Analysis and Reporting (20%) Risk Assessment and Management Tools (20%)

ADVANCED EXCELL SKILLS FOR BUSINESS EXECUTIVES!!: This Course Under Scholarship Project. For Dhaka
Objective of this Training

Microsoft Excel is a great tool for operation, management and even in strategic level of a business organization. Effective utilization of the spreadsheet application brings productivity at workplace and accelerates growth in career.

This course is specially offered for the graduating students of Daffodil International University but the course is designed in a way so that everyone inside a workplace can be benefited. The course starts from very basic level and concludes at an advance intermediate stage of Microsoft Excel 2007

Training Overview & Outline

Key Topics (The major contents of the sessions)

Session 1 (Introduction to Microsoft Excel)
In this session participants will know the essential utilities and necessities of Microsoft Excel. Most of us know the basics of Excel. However, there’re few basics that are unknown to many of us. Knowledge of these unknown basics would change your idea about the power of Excel. This session intends provide the participants about these basics that will build a foundation of the advance Excel skill at later part of the course.

Understanding of Excel Objects:

  • Entering and Editing Data into Cells;
  • Naming cells and ranges of cells;
  • Copy and Paste;
  • Paste Special;*
  • Data Type* & Alignment;
  • Fill Color and Borders;
  • Hiding Cells Data and Grid;
  • About Worksheets;
  • Naming, Adding, & Deleting Worksheets;
  • Changing Worksheet Tab Color;
  • Linking and Referencing inside and across worksheets;
  • Relative and Absolute Referencing;
  • Linking Across Different Files;

Building Blocks of Excel – Rows & Columns:

  • Row Height & Column Width;
  • Hiding and Unhiding Rows and Columns;
  • Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns;
  • Insert Copied Cells;
  • Rows and Column functions.

Understanding Functions and Formula in Excel :

  • Difference between Functions and Formulas;
  • Writing Functions and Formulas;
  • Operators for Writing Formulas;
  • Types of Functions in Excel*;
  • Copying Formulas and Functions;

Session 2(Advance Excel Options and Customization) :

Knowing different customization options in Excel can put you in charge of you spreadsheet model. It can save your time and improve your quality of work significantly. This session will provide an extensive idea of all different tools in Excel and all different customization options in Excel.

  • Toolbars and Add-ins in Excel
  • Standard Toolbar;
  • Formatting Toolbar;
  • Borders and Chart Toolbar;
  • Control Toolbox and Forms; Drawing Toolbar;
  • Customization Options in Excel
  • View Options;
  • Calculation Options;
  • Edit Options;
  • General Options;
  • Spelling Options;
  • Save Options;
  • Security Options;
  • Useful Data Entry Tips
  • Simplifying data entry by using a form*;
  • Forcing text to appear on a new line within a cell;
  • Using Ctrl+Enter to Place information into multiple cell simultaneously;
  • Entering the current date or time into a cell.

Session 3(Advance Skills on Excel Functions – i) :

Functions are the sources of popularity of Microsoft Excel. Excel provides different types of formula for different types of people at different profession. However there’re few categories of functions essential for all groups of people. Efficient usage of these functions can change your productivity, revolutionize your career and make you successful at work. This session and next session are intended to provide the world best knowledge on Excel functions.

  • Logical Functions in Excel
  • If and nested if functions.
  • And & Or logics;Using If and nested If with And & Or
  • Practical exercises and business case
  • Statistical Functions
  • Summing and Averaging
  • Median and Mode
  • Counting numbers, texts and blanks
  • Practical Exercises and business cases
  • Combined Functions
  • Sumif and Sumifs
  • Countif and Countifs

Session 4 (Advance Skills on Excel Functions – II) :
This session is a continuation of the last session.

  • Lookup Functions
  • Lookup function
  • Vertical Lookup Function
  • Horizontal Lookup Functions
  • Working with Dates
  • Special case of dates in Excel
  • Date functions & shortcuts
  • Arithmetic operations on dates
  • Working with Texts
  • Different Text functions
  • Concatenation operation on text

Session 5 (Advance Database Utilities in Excel) :
Relational databases are the building blocks of today’s IT success. Microsoft Access is one of the common RDBMS used in office environment. However some people found the secret of Excel that provides most of the utilities of a simple RDBMS. This session will bring your confidence on Microsoft Excel and after this session you’ll forgot about your need of learning Microsoft Access or any other RDBMS.

  • Data Validation Techniques
  • Data sorting
  • General Filtering
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Subtotal
  • Pivot Table
  • Indexing and Hyperlinking

Session 6 (Optimization and Risk Management Tools in Excel) :
For a strategic decision maker its essential to know the solution that maximizes his return, optimizes his cost and minimize losses. For investment appraisal problems, its essential to different risks of an investment. This section will give participant an excellent idea of optimization and risk management using excel.

  • Goal Seek for seeking target values
  • Simulation for Reaching Optimum Solution
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Advance Conditional Formatting
  • Question and answer